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"'The thing about growing up with Fred and George,' said Ginny thoughtfully, 'is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.'"

 - J K Rowling Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Third Twin - Commentary

Don't be misled by the words of the chorus in this song: "Fred and George are the best, Forget about the rest". This doesn't mean that Ginny prefers the twins to the rest of her brothers (can you imagine the others agreeing to play it if it did?) Despite the fact that this comes across as a happy light-hearted song, there is in fact a serious intention behind the fun. Growing up with six older brothers Ginny has a wide choice of role models, and in this song she considers each in turn, looking at what her life would be like if she followed his example (you also get a short introduction to each brother's role in the band and a snippet of their musical skills!). We feel that the twins provide the biggest and best influence on Ginny because they inspire her to be whatever she wants (hence the most important line of the song: "You got the nerve you can do anything"). Not surprisingly, Fred and George like this song a lot! Look out for a guest appearance from Lee Jordan.


 The Third Twin - Lyrics

(She’s the third twin) Listen to my brothers’ say

(She’s the third twin) I wanna sing it everyday

(She’s the third twin) Come on all the people say
(She’s the third twin) Sing it the Weasley way

Fred & George are the best, forget about the rest

Fred & George are the best, forget about the rest

My oldest brother’s name is Bill, just listen to his great drum fill

He wears his hair a bit too long, but it was his idea to write this song

Look at his boots you will get a surprise, because they’re made out of dragon hide

He wears a fang but he ain’t no fool, go his way and I’d be oh so cool


Charlie is the next in line, his bass playing is oh so fine

He’s got a weather-beaten face, with freckles all over the place

He works with dragons far away, that’s how his arms got in that state

They’re covered in burns and scars, if I was like him I’d be a Quidditch star


Next is Percy that's what I’m saying, just listen to his keyboard playing

He has to follow all the rules, he was a prefect at Hogwarts School

He had a girlfriend called Penelope, He’s got a job at the Ministry

He has glasses and a head of curls, follow him and I’d be Head Girl


Fred and George are the middle brothers (we’re not like the others)

Their room is full of bangs and smoke (we're inventing  another joke)

Secret meetings we can overhear (thanks to our extendable ears)

They’re on backing vocals hear them sing: (You got the nerve you can do anything)

Ron is next and he’s the last, just listen to his guitar blast

He’s tall and thin just like our dad, say he's got Spattergroit and he’ll get mad

He’s only one year older than me, he’s got a thing for Hermione

He’s on the Quidditch team ‘cos Harry let him, stick with Ron and I might just get him
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