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"They slipped out of the kitchen and down a narrow passageway to an uneven staircase, which zigzagged its way up through the house. On the third landing, a door stood ajar. Harry just caught sight of a pair of bright brown eyes staring at him before it closed with a snap.

'Ginny,' said Ron. 'You don't know how weird it is for her to be this shy, she never shuts up normally -'."

 - J K Rowling Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

When Harry Came To Stay - Commentary

          We chose to write this song in a 1950s style because, like many songs of that era, it tells a story. In this case it is the story of the summer Harry spent at the Burrow after his first year at Hogwarts. It covers quite a few events and so the song is quite fast moving with a lot of words pressed into the verses. We go from Harry's arrival at the Burrow in the flying Ford Anglia right up to the fight with the Malfoys in Flourish & Blotts just before the return to Hogwarts. We didn't want the song to be purely event-driven, however, and so we added some exposition into the choruses - here we see a glimpse of how Ginny feels about what is happening, about her nervous behaviour, and about Harry himself. (There are also some snatches of commentary from Fred and George!) We enjoyed adding all the little details in this song - look out for a butter dish, a porridge bowl and an Encyclopaedia of Toadstools!


 When Harry Came To Stay - Lyrics

Ron invited Harry Potter to stay
I can't believe he's finally coming my way
For all this time I've dreamed of him from afar
Then he turned up last night in dad's illegal flying car
Was eating breakfast when he came down the stair
My face it went so red it clashed with my hair
I wanted to be swallowed up in a hole
But then I made it worse by knocking down my porridge bowl
Oh Harry, I get so nervous when you're near me
Why can't I just be myself? (she never shuts up usually)
Oh Harry, this isn't he real me. Why am I clumsy today?
The day that Harry came to stay
Mum said we gotta go to Flourish & Blotts
I couldn't speak because my tongue was in knots
Instead he spoke to me as I'd always wished
I nodded then I put my elbow in the butter dish
We went into the shop and joined in the queue
Professor Lockhart wore forget-me-not blue
Mum got all flustered and kept patting her hair
I turned around and I saw Draco Malfoy standing there
Oh Harry, he's just a bully
I said 'just leave him alone' (she wanted to stick up for you)
Oh Harry, that's more the real me - the first thing I managed to say
Since Harry came to stay
Then a fight broke out between Lucius and dad
But Hagrid broke it up before it got bad
A voice yelled 'get him dad' I think it was Fred
An Enclyopaedia of Toadstools fell upon his head
Lucius fixed me with a hateful look
He glared at me and said 'Here girl, take your book'
He thrust it at me taking me by surprise
I looked more closely and there was another book inside
Oh Harry, what is this book that he gave me?
It's just a blank diary (she's gonna keep it anyway)
Oh Harry, will you forget all about me, now summer's fading away?
The summer Harry came to stay

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