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Ginny and the Weasleys are a virtual band who write and record songs about Harry Potter as created by the fantastic J K Rowling. Each song is based on something that happens to Ginny Weasley and is written in a different musical style.

In real life we are two 20-something Potter fans from England. You can also find us on the Leaky Lounge as Big_D and Perenelle. We were inspired to start this band by the hilarious and very clever Harry and the Potters of whom we are big fans.


On this site you can download the songs (and read the lyrics and commentaries) that we have written so far. If you add yourself to the mailing list we'll let you know when we've added new ones. Sign the Guestbook or feel free to email us to tell us what you think of our band, or to suggest ideas for future songs. You can vote for your favourite song in our poll, and we also have a blog where we post all our news.

We've got a few adverts on the site - these are only there so that we can keep the site running. If you want to swap links with us just drop us an email. Enjoy!

Big_D and Perenelle.


This website is in no way affiliated to J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros. All songs and artwork on this site are GinnyandtheWeasleys.co.uk  Disclaimer